Pennock and PJ
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 23:21:13 EDT

The September/October issue of Books and Culture has an interesting
discussion and reply by Phil Johnson and Robert Pennock regarding the
latter's book "Tower of Babel: The Evidence Agaist the New Creationism".
Also of interest (especially in light of recent discussions of "history" on
this list by George and Glenn) is an article by Wheaton historian Mark Noll
regarding the 'history wars' (it's the third of four articles on the
subject). While not specifically addressing the details G. and G. discussed,
it does speak to some broader yet relevant issues. All these articles are
accessible at:

Noll also has a related article entitled "Traditional Christianity and the
Possibility of Historical Knowledge" reprinted from Christian Scholar's
Review at:

Karl V. Evans