RE: Year of Destiny?!

Pim van Meurs (
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 20:15:31 -0700

(1) First, what rules out 'coincidence'?

Vernon: Genesis 1:1 has been fairly described as the most remarkable sequence of
words ever written.

Purely assertion, Nothing to show that it is not coincidence.

Vernon: In my experience, attitudes to 'coincidence' are ambivalent, to say the
least. Thus, if on a sequence of summer holidays (in places
well-distributed geographically) I were to come across the same strange
character sitting in my hotel lounge, eyeing me intently, I would soon
rule out all thoughts of 'coincidence'! Yet, when confronted by some
remarkable phenomena (manifestly occurring as an integral part of God's
inspired word), the tendency is to become more tolerant of coincidence
- indeed, to such an extent that an endless series of coincidences would
fail to convince! This phenomenon is worthy of study in its own right;
affecting all mankind, it appears to be an inevitable outcome of
cognitive dissonance - and the Christian must be prepared to compensate
for it.

Poor logic. YOu are creating a strawman to attack and then claim similarity. Real science does know
how to deal with coincidence.

Vernon: The evidences, I suggest, rule out chance. They speak clearly of
intelligence and serious purpose. But who can be their author?

You have failed to show how your faith can be supported by cold math.

(2) What rules out a human author, or authors?


Vernon: Clearly, the author of the phenomena has to be supernatural. Who but God
Himself would want to include such a dramatic confirmation of His Being
and Sovereignty in His word to man?!

Again, clearly is nothing but Vernon's faith and belief.

I hope you'll find these comments helpful.

Not really