Re: Significance of numbers: Kepler and 720: waxing eloquent
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 19:06:28 EDT

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<< If we want to place significance on numbers, let's consider Kepler's
argument for the significance of 720 in the archetypal design of the
universe (this is his term, "Archetypal," and it seems appropriate), more
significant than these alleged biblical things since it would be plain to
all, at least to all who follow his line of reasoning. :-) Etc >>


As I recall at one point in the history of astronomy, it was not only
numbers, but certain shapes which were thought to be divine. That is, the
planets were thought to necessarily revolve around the sun in circles (not
elipses) because the circle is "perfect" like God: having all points
equidistant from the center.

Paul S.