Re: Year of Destiny?!

Vernon Jenkins (
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 00:14:58 +0100


You first wrote:

What rules out 1) coincidence 2) the original writers or translators
adding 'numerology'?
You'll have to show that neither applies.

and then again,

Why will you not address the issues I raised Vernon? They do not depend
on whether or not I have looked at the materials. Stop stalling for

I have suggested that a reasoned discussion on any topic requires some
acquaintance with the subject matter by those concerned. Perhaps my
pointing you at the whole of my first website was a little unfair. Why
not prepare yourself by reading "Figuring Facts" as a starter? This will
occupy no more than half an hour or so of your time, and will provide a
basis for further fruitful discussion.

Thanks for you interest.