Re: Year of Destiny?!

Vernon Jenkins (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 23:51:49 +0100


Thanks for your comments. Here, by way of response, are mine:

(1) Your analysis of the situation is, of course, correct. A triangular
arrangement of 10 unit squares superimposed on a 4x4 square must yield
the ratio 3:5 (ie uncovered:covered). [As observed, this is significant
in respect of mercy seat and Lord's Name. ]

(2) But how frequently do situations of this kind arise? Clearly,the
year number requires to be of the form 10xDxD (D being the dimension of
some square). If 5760 be included, there will have been just 24
occasions in Jewish history when these conditions will have been met.
The associated odds are, therefore, 5760:24, or 240:1 against a given
year meeting the requirements. However, if we further ask that the
significant biblical number, 12, be a factor of each of the squares,
these odds lengthen to 1440:1 against. In other words, this coming year,
5760, is only the 4th that will have met these combined requirements.
The conjunction of 5760 with the millenium year, therefore, renders this
particular year unique.

(3) You will probably have noticed that the ratio 3:5 is peculiar to
this particular set up. Any other triangular arrangement fails to
satisfy. For example, a triangle standing on a base of 5 comprises 15
units (ie 1+2+3+4+5); the containing square must, therefore, have 25
units - leading to a ratio of 10 :15, or 2:3!

(4) It is also clear that a simple chequerboard backcloth to these
proceedings will only be possible if the triangle base is a factor of 8,
ie 2, 4 or 8. [For other instances of related phenomena involving this
artefact, see "Squaring the Cubes" and "New for Old" at the first of the
URLs given below.]

(5) In that Greek letters (from c.600BC) are fairly read as numerals
(something that can't be claimed for English!), the numbers 888 and 1480
associated with the Lord's Name are obtained without fiddling! Each is a
multiple of the geometrically uniqe number, 37; together, they total
2368, or 64x37. In a typical view of a cubical stack of 64 unit cubes,
one of more faces of precisely 37 unit cubes are visible. In itself, one
might well dismiss this as 'happenstance'! But there is so much more!
{Question: How many coincidences of this kind can (or should) be
tolerated before the penny is allowed to drop?!]

Chuck, I hope I have convinced you that the conjuction 5760/2000 really
is unique. I make no predictions as to its significance. Perhaps these
comments will stimulate you to examine the URLs.



Vandergraaf, Chuck wrote:
> Vernon,
> Your comment to Pim van Meurs prompted me to have another look at your
> initial e-mail on this subject. I had only looked at the first *.htm
> attachment and quickly glanced at the *.gif files. I thought I'd
> better look at all of them before I put my foot in my mouth.
> I've now looked at the attachments a bit more closely. Your math is
> OK: the number 5760 is divisible by 10. Ten blocks can be put into a
> pyramid, as you've shown so, by itself, this makes the number 5760 not
> unusual. Dividing 5760 by 10, we get 576. The square root of 576 is
> 24, so each of your ten squares in your pyramid has a side of 24
> units. Putting the four blocks on the bottom "cheek to jowl," we get 4
> x 24 = 96 units on the base and, because the pyramid is 4 units high,
> also 96 units tall.
> Now comes a bit of stretch: where does the checkerboard fit in? Sure,
> it has 64 squares and 8 x 12 = 96 but does that make a checkers
> somewhat of a divine nature?
> Because 5760 is divisible by 10 and can therefore be arranged in a
> pyramid with a base of four units and a height of four units, wouldn't
> any pyramid of ten units in a rectangle give the 3:5 ratio between
> your "brown and blue" areas? Let each square unit have a value of
> unity. There will be 10 units in a pyramid. The total area of the
> square in which the pyramid is placed is 4 x 4 = 16 units. The area
> not covered by the pyramid is 16 - 10 = 6 units and the ratio is,
> guess, 6:10 or 3:5!
> As for the "characteristic values of the Greek forms (nominative case)
> of 'Jesus' and 'Christ' (ie 888 and 1480, respectively)," this reminds
> me a recent post where somebody had concluded that Bill Gates would be
> the Antichrist because the sum of the numerical values of the letters
> in his name equaled 666 (even that took some fiddling, if I recall).
> There is a highway in New Mexico that is numbered 666 (it runs North
> from Gallup, NM, into Colorado). I am not aware of the Antichrist
> living anywhere in Northwest New Mexico or that that area is
> particularly noted for nasty things. But I digress.
> In conclusion, other than 5760 being an interesting number, I doubt
> if we should attach much significance to it.
> Chuck Vandergraaf
> Pinawa, MB