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I am forwarding this to myself so that I can save it. After a year, if
nothing happens of great theological import, will you admit that numeralogy
should be discarded?

At 11:41 PM 09/02/1999 +0100, Vernon Jenkins wrote:
>Friends, We are rapidly approaching a significant conjunction in world
>history. By a remarkable coincidence(?)a unique Anno Mundi (according to
>the Jewish calendar) will overlap a rather special Anno Domini. I have
>appended the details. Vernon
> Some advantages of
>being 5760 The Jewish calendar year 5760 which begins Friday, 10 September
>1999, will be remarkable for a number of reasons, for consider: it
>will take in the greater part of the millenium year 2000 (according
>to the Christian calendar) it will be a leap year -
> and will thus include an extra month it will be associated with
> a number rich in factors - in particular, 10, 12, 24 and 144
>(ie 12 x 12) Focussing on the last of these, it is interesting to
>note: not since 5040 (corresponding with 1279/1280 AD) has
>there been a year so noteworthy in this respect never has
>there been a year of such graphical interest, for consider:
> Attachment Converted: "c:\eudora\attach\Mystery_5760_2.gif"
>The fact that 5760 = 10 x 24 x 24 makes it possible to represent this
>number as a triangular formation of composite squares - each of 576 units -
>the triangle in this case being rather special: known to the Greeks as
>tetraktys - a symbol revered by Pythagoras and his followers! but
>there is also a remarkable link with something more familiar, viz
>the common chequerboard: Attachment Converted:
>"c:\eudora\attach\Chequers.gif" This of course is a prerequisite to
>the games of draughts and chess. Subdividing each square in this 8 x 8
>arrangement into 12 x 12 units (and removing the chequered pattern in the
>process) we obtain: Attachment Converted:
>"c:\eudora\attach\Mystery_5760_3.gif" Now observe that this forms a
>perfect backcloth for our geometrical representation of 5760:
>Attachment Converted: "c:\eudora\attach\Mystery_5760_4.gif" in
>this figure we discover that each of the two areas shaded brown
>comprises 1728, or 12 x 12 x 12 unit squares! together,
>these areas account for 3456 unit squares - a number possessing an
>eye-catching sequence of digits! the ratio 3456 : 5760 (ie
>areas brown : blue) may also be expressed as 3 : 5 - ratio of the
>sides of the mercy seat (Ex.25:17) and also of the
>characteristic values of the Greek forms (nominative case) of
>'Jesus' and 'Christ' (ie 888 and 1480, respectively)!! the
>number 12 has a peculiar significance in both Testaments, and we
>observe (a) the separation of the sons of Levi for special duties
>balanced by tribal headship falling not upon Joseph, but upon each
>of his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, and (b) the Lord's
>appointment of an inner circle of precisely 12 disciples - this
>number restored by the prompt appointment of Matthias (Acts
>1:15-26) as replacement for Judas (ie in the divine economy, it was
>somehow necessary that the original complement was restored to 12
>in each case!) Clearly, a consideration of these developments (in which
>12 figures so prominently) - taken together with the facts mentioned
>earlier - render the year 5760 (Anno Mundi) unique to the whole span of
>Jewish and Christian history! This should help us all understand
>something more of the abilities and ways of our Creator and Lord.
>Vernon Jenkins MSc 31.8.99

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