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Dear Morton,

I do not question your sincerity for the type of inquiry you are involved
with. But it seems that there are too many doing what you are doing. It is
true that one person may be all that is needed to make a breakthrough in any
particular subject matter. But must there be so many involved in that area
of "research?" I like to learn, that is why I read most of what I read. I
even listen to Farrakhan. I like first hand info.

Take care,


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>At 09:17 AM 08/26/1999 -0400, Moorad Alexanian wrote:
>>A scientist who is a Christian ought to learn of his/her faith so that
>>he/she is more pleasing to God. As a scientist he/she ought to do the best
>>scientific work possible. How the findings of both searches will jive
>>together may be a premature form of research. I do not know of any
>>to this jiving problem. Do you? Such attempts are mere speculations.
>Hi Moorad,
>Three comments. First God put you and I here for a purpose. I believe
>part of my purpose is to deal in the area of creation/evolution. THat
>having been said, I also believe that God put me here to deal with TODAY's
>data and TODAY's science. He didn't put me in the 20th/21st centuries
>expecting me to deal with 24th century knowledge. As such to wait until the
>end of time to deal with these problems seems to be severe procrastination
>and contrary to any purpose God might have for our lives in science TODAY.
>Secondly, this constant claim that all harmonization efforts are premature
>reminds me of the YEC appeal to the future in which the future is expected
>to provide all solutions to all problems their views have. Why are we so
>lazy as to expect the future to do the work that God assigned us TODAY? Or
>is the appeal to the future merely a cop out so we don't have to think
>about these issues.
>Thirdly, if you really think that all attempts at solutions are premature,
>what are you doing wasting your time reading boards like this where many of
>these 'premature' solutions are discussed? Your actions seem
>contradictory to your words.
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