Re: anthropic principle
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 22:29:09 +0000

The issue I see is that the anthropic argument is not about naturalism but
about design. And the argument ignores one of the supernatural
options--deism. The web page says:

"Let N="The universe is governed solely by Naturalistic law." The negation,
~N, is that it is not governed solely by naturalistic law, that is, some
non-naturalistic (supernaturalistic) principle or entity is involved."

Since God can design a totally naturalistic universe or even a stochastic
universe, the negation of N does not rule out a supernaturalistic being. If
God created the universe and walked away from it leaving it alone, it was
still a designed universe but it is a totally naturalistic universe also. I
don't see how Bill's argument can hold. It appears to ignore the Deistic
option which while not theistic is still supernatural.

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