Re: St. Basil's 400AD view of the Days of proclamation
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 19:37:04 +0000

HI Bill,

At 01:31 PM 08/24/1999 -0400, Bill Hamilton wrote:
>You misunderstood me or I implied something I didn't mean.

I probably misunderstood you.

A guy I met on
>, whose name I can't remember, pointed out to me that the
>fulfillment didn't have to be instantaneous, and that was a great relief to
>me. It allowed the possibility that each of God's "Let there be..." that
>is attributed to a specific creation day could have been on a specific 24
>hour day, while the development of nature proceeded according to what we
>conclude from the geological record.

THat would be an interesting variation on things.

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