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>To me, concordism is an artistic expression of our desire for consilience.
>Perhaps Glenn is arguing for a match between Genesis and the evolutionary
>record, not so much to force acquiecence through the objectivity, but
>to expand the appreciation of the experience of God that flows through
>interaction the Bible and our human nature.
>The criteria for a good 'match' between a concordist work of art and
>the evolutionary sciences is necessarily multifaceted because it addresses
>a multifaceted gestalt experience. I think that concordism is the closest
>thing we have today to something akin to search for the Holy Grail
>by the knights of the round table. It may be frustrating, it may be
>impossible, but it is eminently inspired by the Christian vision.


I loved the way you phrased this. Like any scientific endeavor or theory
building, concordism is artistry. Physicists love elegance in their
theories. Apologetics should also be artistry and do more than merely state
that religion and science are irrelevant to each other. Obviously, from
this, I do believe that the Christian faith and experience MUST touch more
than our inner beings. It must touch every aspect of our lives and be
relevant to those aspects--including science and the universe.

What I do for a living is create 'artistic' interpretations of geophysical,
geological, paleontological, sedimentological, geochemical & etc, data in
order to tell people where to find oil or gas. This effort while utilizing
scientific observation makes greater use of intuition, insight and poetry
in order to sell the concept to others. THe more logically tight and
encompassing one of my prospects is, the more elegant it is and the more
easily I can sell it to an investor for several million dollars.

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Adam, Apes and Anthropology

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