Re: St. Basil's 400AD view of the Days of proclamation
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 18:36:24 +0000

At 07:27 AM 08/24/1999 -0400, George Murphy wrote:
> 2) One thing that makes the theological reading difficult is that there
>different theologies in the Bible. In the first place, the theological
>of Israel & the church grew with time. To take a term in the above
discussion, much
>of the OT is not "monotheist" in the sense of denying the existence of
other deities,
>but "henotheist" - only Yahweh is to be worshipped. (But Gen.1 is part of
the movement
>toward stronger assertion of monotheism.) & of course trinitarian belief
changes (or is
>supposed to change) this again significantly.
> & even with that taken into account. biblical theologies differ. The
>of God in Gen.1 & Gen.2, or those of Jesus in the synoptics & John, are
not identical.
>Paul & James understand the roles of faith & law differently. This is why
some central
>hermeneutical principle (which must itself be Scriptural) is needed.

In some churches it is allowed to say AMEN! What you said in (2) is what
bothers me about the "theologically true but historically false" approach
to the Bible. THere are lots of theologies and everyone gets to pick their
poison. That, imo, is a bad state of affairs.

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