Re: The PC vs TE debate

Dick Fischer (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 00:58:15 -0400

Burgy wrote:

>"The [turning of water into] wine at Cana is certainly a PC intervention.
>I need cite only one to make the case that all is not TE."


>The fact that "PC happened" (using my definition of PC for the moment) on
>many occasions, says that God DID (and possibly still does) intervene
>from time to time in his creation.

If applying NT miracles to the phyletic tree of life is fair game, I
suppose we should be able to do the reverse. Since just the human genome
has enough mistakes in it to cause over 3,000 genetic disorders, perhaps we
can find some parallel in the Scriptures. Can anyone find a reference such
as this?:

And Jesus confronted the blind man wanting to be healed. Touching him on
the head the man became deaf as a post. Just a touch on his leg and the
man fell lame. See the master said, dropping a small stone in his bowl,
that will teach him to complain.

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