The PC vs TE debate

John W. Burgeson (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 11:12:12 -0600

I had written:

"The [turning of water into] wine at Cana is certainly a PC intervention.
I need cite only one to make the case that all is not TE."

\Howard commented:
"I don't want to intrude into the Murphy/Burgeson conversation, but I
suggest that the 'water to wine' episode does not at all fall into the
category of 'PC intervention.'

Should not the term 'Progressive Creation intervention' apply only to the
concept of a divine act performed prior to the presence of human
and specifically for the purpose of actualizing a progression of new
creaturely forms (e.g. new species)? The water to wine episode has
to do with either the progression of forms or the actualization of new
creaturely forms.

Once again, I think it imperative that the different types of
'intervention' be distinguished from one another and that each type be
dealt with on its own unique terms.
The Cana event happened. On that we must agree.
Many many other such events happened. On that we must agree.

It is not "wrong" to try to distinguish between types of events, but let
recognize that, by so doing, we are simply applying fallible human
to concepts we can scarcely grasp.

I use the term "PC" to include all divine (or supernatural) interventions
by God in his creation. One "type" of PC has to do with the possibility
of interventions long ago, before humanity appeared on the scene. Of
course, nothing can be shown that such interventions, if they happened,
are not still going on from time to time!

PJ thinks that fingerprints are necessarily left, but that's another

The fact that "PC happened" (using my definition of PC for the moment) on
many occasions, says that God DID (and possibly still does) intervene
from time to time in his creation. The whole subject of intercessory
prayer could be brought up here; I engage in it; would you advise me

I'm not sure what a TE would say about intercessory prayer. But perhaps
that's too far outside the topic.

Limiting PC to the narrow definition you suggest simply creates a word
IMHO, of course.


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