Soliciting Christian scientists for on-line interviews by my

Ted Davis (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 10:42:28 -0400

Dear ASAers (and interested others):

Some of you may recall that, in each of the past two fall semesters, I have
given an assignment to students in my senior capstone science course (about
science & faith, among other topics), to interview a Christian
scientist/physician/engineer from off campus. Students are free to pick
someone they already know, but many like to pick someone new from a list of
volunteers that I obtain through this listserve. These interviews are
conducted via email.

Ground rules are:
--no one will be contacted by more than one student (I do my best to ensure
this, though sometimes something goes awry)
--students will ask you about your scientific work and educational
--students will ask you about your Christian faith
--students will ask you how you see these two aspects of your life relating
to one another
--all interviewing should be conducted in the next 6-8 weeks

If you wish to participate this fall, please contact me (off board). I
can't promise that a student will interview you, since I may have more
volunteers than I need, but I appreciate having as many names as possible.
I am especially keen to have women (many of my students are women and need
female role models) and people in biology and environmental science (for
similar reasons), but students are free to pick persons in any field so all
interested parties should contact me.

Finally, I am teaching this course again in the spring term, so I will
issue a similar invitation again in a few months. If anyone wants to
volunteer now for both terms, please indicate this when you contact me.

Thanks to all,

Ted Davis