Re: The Church of Darwin (WSJ 16 Aug 1999)

Robert Miller (
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 15:23:47 -0700

Howard Van Til wrote in part:

> The RFEP proposes that the answer is, "Yes, the Creation has been richly
> gifted by God with a formational economy that is sufficiently robust to
> make its evolutionary development viable in such a way as to accomplish
> God's intentions for its formational history." In such a Creation,
> occasional episodes of *form-imposing* divine intervention would not be
> necessary elements in its formational history.

And your evidence is?

> RLM: "I take an intervention to be any
> interaction that God has with humans...."
> RLM: "I also wonder how the Spirit world fits into RFEP.
> HVT: The RFEP has nothing to say about any of this.

But the Spirit world is part of our reality, part of it created by God in the
same sense that worlds and people were. Isn't part of the charter of the ASA to
mediate between science and Spirit? How do we explain angels and demons to our
scientist friends who are not hostile to Christianity but nevertheless are
sceptical? Is this part of the "foolishness of the gospel"? Perhaps some of my
questions are answered in your book which I have not read. I will do that.

Bob Miller