Re: Behe on Kansas in Today's NYT
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 13:28:34 EDT

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> I think this whole thing of what embryos look like is nonsense. Folks, we
> are in the atomic age and what matters is the description at the molecular
> level and not what appears to the naked eye of humans.

Except that "the description at the molecular level" is what determines "what
appears to the naked eye of humans". Rather than try to willy-nilly
understand the molecular machinery that produces embryonic morphological
features, it is better if we use the features themselves to suggest what
might be happening at the molecular level, then do the necessary experiments
to test those hypotheses. And so far, research of this type has shown that
the naked eye (or actually the microscopic) appearance of the embryos is
governed by specific molecular processes and mechanisms common to all

Kevin L. O'Brien