Re: asa-digest V1 #1308

John W. Burgeson (
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 10:19:28 -0600

I wrote:

> The wine at Cana is certainly a PC intervention. I need cite only one
> make the case that all is not TE.

Friend George replied:
I don't think this is the most helpful terminology since we are not
there with creation & evolution in the usual sense, but if you refer to
the types of divine action contemplated in those 2 modes of development,
I don't really understand what you are writing in the above.

George goes on:
More substantively, it is not certain that a sign like that at Cana must
regarded as something which natural processes are incapable of, & thus
outside the bounds of the type of divine action I suggest. Such signs
might be due to seldom realized potentialities but "natural" which God
has allowed for in creation. Augustine, e.g., was willing to consider
this view.
Let's see. If you and I had been at Cana, and had witnessed the events,
would still say that the entire process was "natural," that water
to wine, while admittedly a rare event, does (or can) happen from time to

Do I read you correctly?

I am aware of the current theories of quantum mechanics, BTW, in which my
car might "leak" out of my closed garage some morning (favorite example
of Wolfenstein, my quantum physics professor at Carnegie almost 50 years
ago). Is it this kind of phenomenon you are thinking of? Or something
else, entirely different?

Had I been at Cana, it is as "certain" as anything I can think of that I
would have concluded there had been something happen beyond natural
causation. Likewise at some other of the biblical events.

My argument stands: PC happened, at Cana, at Golgotha, at the 5000
feeding, at a number of other events recorded in scripture. PC must then,
logically, be a live consideration for other events in the history of
planet earth. The fact that PC happened does not rule out the TE
position; I understand that.

As I understand PJ, BTW, it is this very fact that PC happened at all
that incents him to think there may have been "tracks" left behind. But
that is another subject! < G >


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