Re: The Church of Darwin (WSJ 16 Aug 1999)

andrew (
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 08:31:23 -0500

Hi list. Bill wrote:
It seems to me that God _does_
>intervene in the world, and Scripture documents that He does. But that
>intervention is in the affairs of men -- the beings He has created to have
>fellowship with Him. Stars, planets, energy, chemicals, and even animals
>(to a lesser extent to be sure) act according to more or less well-defined
>rules. Man on the other hand is capable of behaving un unpredictable ways,
>because he can observe nature, think about it and act on his thoughts. It
>seems very reasonable that God intervenes in the affairs of men, and from
>personal experience I attest that He does.
I think this makes good sense. For me sometimes I wonder how God can get
in the mix if things are as governed by laws as they appear. Maybe it is in
word that the door lies. He can speak to us and that has many
consequences. Of the stars,the birds, and us only we have the most
advanced ear so to speak. Stars speak gravity, birds speak gravity and
survival, we speak gravity, survival, and agape. I am not thinking of
course that He is limited to that but it seems like his Voice on the human
heart feels much less like intervene more like natural environment of a
conscious animal. Nothing profound just wanted to give a cent and a half.