Re: Mea culpa and Christian Periodical Index

James Mahaffy (
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 17:59:05 -0500


I forgot the smiley face and I only used your full name because of technology. I am terrible at spelling and if I don't cut and paste I would have gotten it wrong.

It is not really a big deal just makes it a bit more efficient to know what is in a message so you can not read some on the archives or delete some without reading them if you get your list via e-mail. The problem is that John B. is someone I often like to read so I dare not automatically disregard his postings.

To not waste your time with another message - some of you might be interested in knowing that there is an index called Christian Periodical Index, 1956-present. that indexes the ASA journals. I tried it on Maatman and it worked great. We just got it for our library.

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