Re: Reputation of Sigrid Hartwig-Scherer

John M. Lynch (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 21:20:42 -0700

> Hartwig-Sherer has gained some repute among the YECs for proposing a
> nonevolutionary view of life. His web page used to be in my bookmarks, but
> a theif stole the computer on which the bookmarks lay and I can't find him
> again.

H-S is the wife of Shearer (I know I've got the spelling wrong ...
apologies). He's a microbial biochemist who has written a number of
scientific articles opposing the idea of a molecular clock on often
simplistic grounds. As a YEC, he's best know for work on hybridization on
ducks in which he claimed that he could detect "kinds" within ducks and
geese. He's been writing about "kinds" for nearly 20 years now.

She's trained as a physical anthropologist - studied with L.D. Martin in
Switzerland. A few papers in American J. Physical Anthropology - largely on
limb allometry in extant hominids, with statistical analysis and largely
theory-free. Her reputation among practicing anthropologists (most of whom
with which I've discussed her don't realize that she's a YEC like her
husband) is so-so. Her analyses are a little naive (statistically). She's
also written a book on pre-hominids. Her piece in "Mere Creation" is not
(imho) very good anthropology.