Re: St. Basil's 400AD view of the Days of proclamation

George Murphy (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 22:26:32 -0400 wrote:

> I personally like the Marxist theologically accurate interpretation in
> which ownership of the garden led to the eviction of the laborer. That is
> the real theologically accurate view. Now prove that wrong! I don't think
> it is possible to prove theologically accurate views erroneous. They are
> subjective.

The ultimate result of this claim would be that there is no such thing as good
or bad theology. The Marxist interpretation you mention is not a "theological"
interpretation at all, though it might be incorporated into one. Of course as long as
one has no theological criteria for interpretation, you're right - it's up for grabs.
That's why I insisted in my earlier post that Scripture has to be interpreted
with christology in view. One may disagree with that as central hermeneutical
principle, but without some such "rule of faith" (which must itself be consistent
with Scripture - it's a kind of feedback process) any attempt at theological
interpretation is arbitrary.

George L. Murphy