Reputation of Sigrid Hartwig-Scherer

James Mahaffy (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 12:12:14 -0500


I am annotating a book mainly by IDers entitled Mere Creation edited by Dembeski and published by IV Press. I picked it up at the ASA meetings. It has papers by a number of IDers some of whom I know well, but there are others whose reputations I do not know. For instance Sigrid Hartwig-Sherer writes on the hominoid fossil record. The references indicate someone who appears to have gotten into the primary literature - but I don't know that literature well enough to know how good the author's academic reputation is? Do David Wilcox or Glen Morton or someone else out there know more about this person and his academic reputation.

If any of you some strengths or weaknesses of the book, I would also appreciate it. My initial take (not having more than glanced at it), is it would be a good place for student interested in the ID movement to learn more about it.

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