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Dick Fischer (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 00:37:00 -0400

George Murphy wrote:

> 3) I would agree about the historicity of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (though
>are certainly scholars who question that), but would be more hesitant
about any details
>concerning Noah & even more about the ante-diluvian patriarchs

Let's say an immigrant arrived in this country who knew nothing about
America and someone on the airplane tells him George Washington was the
first president. In the months that he is here, he notices the capitol is
called "Washington," a one dollar bill has his picture, a state is named
after him, and so on. When he takes the test for citizenship years later
he is asked who was the first president, and confidently replies, "George
Washington." How does he know that, because of someone on the plane? No.
He knows because of reinforcement.

What extra-biblical information do we have about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?
Okay, tomb of the Patriarchs. Anything else? Now, what about the
"ante-diluvian patriarchs"? In the two years that I lived at the Library
of Congress I found more material that parallels at least three if not five
of the ten pre-flood patriarchs than any other human being has found since
the dawn of time. It's in a book and I have posted it all in this forum.
In case anybody has forgotten let me reiterate just this pertaining to Adam:

1. The Sumerian king list places the first king at Eridu and calls him
2. The legend of "Adapa" describes a man at Eridu who was "blameless, "
clean of hands," anointer," and "observer of laws." Also he was called
"exceeding wise of the angels."
3. Two pyramids were carved in Egypt that describe a primordial creation
out of the"waters of chaos." The man who was created was called "Atum."
4. Just as some parents in this country name their children "George" after
the first president, one of the most popular names among the early
Accadians was "Adamu." Who do you think they were named after?
5. A medallion was found dated to the Sumerian period before 2000 BC. It
is the figure of a man identified as, "Adamu, son of God."
6. Berossus, a Babylonian priest, lists (in Greek) the first pre-flood
king as "Alorus."

Now let's see all the extra-biblical data on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob so we
can see why their historicity isn't questioned and Adam's is.

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