Re: Duane Gish on CNN
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 05:56:11 +0000

At 10:41 PM 08/16/1999 -0700, Jeffrey Lee wrote:
>Have we, in fact, catalogued billions of fossils of fish and invertebrates?
>I had always thought the fossil record was a bit thinner than that.

Not only is the fossil record thinner so is the living biosphere. Gish is
wrong on this. There are 3245 living genera of
fish; there are 1837 extinct genera. My sources for this information were
Robert L. Carroll, Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution, (New York: W. H.
Freeman and Co., 1988), pp596-612 for the paleontological data (plus a few
living genera) and for the living genera

According to Groliers ENcyclopedia, there are today 20,000 species of fish.
That works out to be about 7 species per genera. Using this there are 7 X
1837=12859 which means we have probably catelogued around 32-33000 species
of fish.

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