Duane Gish on CNN

Jeffrey Lee (jalee@cts.com)
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 22:41:44 -0700

I just finished reading the transcript of Duane Gish on Talkback Live re:
the Kansas Board of Education. He said the following:

"Now, let me, for example, mention the fossil record. Evolutionists believe
that some invertebrate evolved into fish over millions of years of time. We
have billions times billions of fossils of complex invertebrates. We have
billions and billions of fossil fishes.

Now, if an invertebrate evolved into a fish, we ought to have billions times
billions of fossils of transition form showing an invertebrate changing into
a fish. As a matter of fact, we have none."

Have we, in fact, catalogued billions of fossils of fish and invertebrates?
I had always thought the fossil record was a bit thinner than that.

FWIW, the link to the transcript is:

This is the first rush version of the transcript so there are bound to be
some errors.

Jeff Lee
Carlsbad, California
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