Re: Rimmer and AGS: my error (at least in part)
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 20:42:14 EDT

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<< Yes, Karl is correct to question my statement that Rimmer was a "fellow of
the American Geological Society." I should have said, "American
Geographical Society," though frankly I don't know whether this is correct
either and (if correct) whether it really means simply that he subscribed to
National Geographic, or something like that.

The information that he was a fellow of the geographical organization is
stated in the entry on Rimmer in the old National Cyclopedia of American
Biography, vol. 41, p. 22. Again, I can't vouch for its accuracy but accept
responsibility for the error noted by Karl.

Ted Davis >>

Thanks for the response, Ted. I wasn't trying to pick nits, just intrigued
to see if Rimmer had once again played fast and loose with his own history.

Karl V. Evans