Re: Kansas Issues on PBS Radio

Deepsea Dawn (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 14:22:29 -0700 wrote:
> A discussion of the Kansas curriculum committee's evolution stand will be on
> your local Public Radio station soon. Here near Philadelphia, it will be on
> WHYY, 91 FM at 9:00 PM (Monday night). The show is "Talk of the Nation".
> It should at least be interesting, if not frustrating.

It was also discussed today on CNN's "Talk Back Live" show, featuring an
interesting, if not frustrating, ;-) exchange between Duane Gish of the
Institute of Creation Science and a representative (his name escapes me)
of the Institute of Theology and Natural Science. Also featured were
Eugenie Scott and Phillip Johnson. A summary is on the web at:

and you may be able to download a transcript when it becomes available

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