Re: Gen 1-11 as history

Bill Hamilton (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 13:22:08 -0400

Glenn wrote to George

>I wouldn't beat a strawman if you wouldn't be like jello and squish away
>everytime I drive a point home. I have repeatedly asked you to define with
>clear and proper definitions of the criteria for which parts of the Bible
>are historical and which aren't. You don't seem to have any clearly defined
>definitions. Thus You shift around quite a bit because your 'definitions'
>are subjective.


What Glenn is asking for is reasonable. If it's too difficult to give an
answer, perhaps you could post some resources that would help us understand
what is and isn't poetry in the OT. I find myself caught between the sides
in this and other similar discussions. Clearly there is a danger of
writing off something important if we are too free with the labels "poetry"
and "allegory". On the other hand we're in danger if missing important
truths if we insist that something intended to be allegorical is literal
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