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Dear George,

Can you elaborate on part c) of your comment? I do not follow you.



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>Moorad Alexanian wrote:
>> I think this whole thing of what embryos look like is nonsense. Folks, we
>> are in the atomic age and what matters is the description at the
>> level andnot what appears to the naked eye of humans.
> a. Embryology is certainly important for understanding the historical
>development of evolutionary theory.
> b. Haeckel would no doubt have been quite pleased to have all the
>we now have on relationships between species at the molecular level. He
would have
>seen them quite properly as further evidence for evolution.
> c. Though the _theological_ idea of recapitulation in the Incarnation,
>goes back to Irenaeus & the Gospel of Matthew does not dependent on any
kind of
>embryological recapitulation. But the latter provides a very nice
illustration _&
>extension to prehuman life_ of the former, as C.S. Lewis realized in
>George L. Murphy