Re: the saddest statement
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 11:45:41 +0000

At 10:52 PM 08/14/1999 -0600, Bill Payne wrote:
>As you know, Glenn, _requiring_ a global flood and _providing evidence
>for_ a global flood are two different things. I have not changed my

I agree, but allochthonous mats don't provide evidence FOR a global flood
at all. They only provide evidence FOR an allochthonous mat, which as my
example from the Okefenokee swamp shows, might have occurred equally well
on a non-flooded earth. And floating mats, as you agree, don't require a
global flood, and are only consistent with a global flood. But as you are
aware, being consistent with a global flood is not the same thing as giving
evidence for a global flood.

>What you are saying strikes me as nonsense. Maybe we need to discuss the
>implications of floating mats of vegetation over every continent during
>the same span of time.

Even if every coal was formed by a floating mat, that is not evidence FOR a
global flood. If floating mats occur in swamps today, as they do in the
Okefenokee, then floating mats are clearly a natural phenomenon which does
not require a global flood to form. Thus there is no causal connection
between floating mats and a flooded earth.

>Tornados deposit debris in different layers and "thus are demonstrably
>separated in time."

Actually tornadoes do not sort debris into layers of equal size or material
make up. Tornados operate over too short a time to effectively sort the
debris. Cyclothems are clearly and efficiently sorted into shales, coals
sands and limes.

The question is, how much time?

Indeed, but I haven't seen you present any evidence for short times between
the coals. What is the nature of this evidence?

>>Yes but so what. YOu started this thread by implying that transported
>>organics supports YEC. IT doesn't. Being compatible with YEC is not the
>>same thing as supporting YEC.
>At least you're now openly admitting that coals appear to be
>allochthonous. During a discussion while you were off-line, Jonathan
>Clarke found it hard to believe that you would make such an admission.

I am open to it because the floating mats of Okefenokee are ALLOCHTHONOUS
coals, in which the peats are transported not much more that a half a mile.
So what? That does not mean they were deposited by a global flood, that
does not mean that the existence of meandering river channels can't form in
the swamps and it doesn't proove that the time frame was short. Bill, you
are trying to make a case for a global flood which is based upon evidence
that fits quite well into an old earth/slow deposition of coal. The
evidence you cite is equivocal.

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