Re: re-whales from rodents

John W. Burgeson (
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 10:32:14 -0600

Glenn wrote:

" To defend Johnson in
the manner you are defending him seems to make Johnson look worse than he
actually does. I think he is ignorant of science and doesnt' care to
correct himself. Your defence of him makes him look like a sophist, a
deceitful individual or a mindless blabberer. That is truly a poor
of someone you like."

Since I did not "defend" PJ, I don't at all see what you are writing

Yes, I like PJ. And Michael Ruse, Paul Nelson, Al Plantinga, Stephen
Schafersman and a number of other people I interacted with at the NTSE,
some of whom are decidedly not theists. But I don't generally go around
"defending" any of them. First -- they can speak for themselves much
better than I. Second -- I am really only interesting in measuring their

Yes -- I like Glenn Morton too! < G >


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