Ancient early life

Bert Massie (
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 19:54:10 -0700

James Mahaffy wrote:

> Folks,
> Someone nicely noted to me (by private e-mail) that if I had read the
> USA today article closer I would have noticed that the findings for
> earlier eukaryotic life were published in Science. "The finding,
> published in the journal Science, resets a key biological timer by 1
> billion years. Until now, the earliest known eukaryotes were fossils in
> rocks 1.8 billion years old."
> That does give it a bit more credibility but there is still not enough
> evidence cited in the USA Today article so my caution still remains.
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I appreciate you comments on the veracity of this finding. Now, I have
another question. Does this fit into the general objection of "sudden
appearances." It seems to one not following this in great detail that this
pushes back the appearance of early complex life and presents a real delima
in terms of providing enough calender time for gradualistic development.

Bert M