Re: Behe on Kansas in Today's NYT

George Murphy (
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 11:24:38 -0400

Moorad Alexanian wrote:
> I think this whole thing of what embryos look like is nonsense. Folks, we
> are in the atomic age and what matters is the description at the molecular
> level andnot what appears to the naked eye of humans.

a. Embryology is certainly important for understanding the historical
development of evolutionary theory.
b. Haeckel would no doubt have been quite pleased to have all the information
we now have on relationships between species at the molecular level. He would have
seen them quite properly as further evidence for evolution.
c. Though the _theological_ idea of recapitulation in the Incarnation, which
goes back to Irenaeus & the Gospel of Matthew does not dependent on any kind of
embryological recapitulation. But the latter provides a very nice illustration _&
extension to prehuman life_ of the former, as C.S. Lewis realized in _Miracles_.

George L. Murphy