Re: Inconsistency on Shroud vs. Genesis.

George Murphy (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 21:38:17 -0400 wrote:
I suppose this is as good a point as any to close this round. We keep coming
back to the same points which we've debated before, but perhaps some new things have
been brought out. You think that the Genesis creation accounts (but apparently not the
ones with sea monsters &c in other books) must in some sense be accurate accounts of
events which have really happened in order to be true. While not denying the essential
character of divine action and revelation in history, I think that your view gives far
too narrow a restriction on revelation. We've been through that before. What I find
somewhat more disturbing this time is the idea that God is obligated to respond to our
demand for revelation as "Just the facts, ma'am". I think that God is far freer than
that & far more willing to both to adapt revelation to our needs AND to challenge us
with forms of revelation we don't like. You may have the last word this time around.

George L. Murphy