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> Humanity
> on
> the
> Edge:
> Science and Faith
> in the
> 21st Century
> 5 - 6 November 1999
> Drew University
> Madison, New Jersey
> A conference presented by
> Drew University School of Theology
> and the
> Episcopal Church Working Group
> on Science, Technology and Faith
> and the
> Episcopal Diocese of Newark
> cosponsored by the
> Ecumenical Roundtable
> on Science, Technology and the Church
> and the
> John Templeton Foundation
> For program and registration information:
> The Rev. Dr. Franklin Vilas
> St. Paulēs Episcopal Church
> 200 Main Street
> Chatham, NJ 07920
> ph, 973-635-8085
> email, < revfvilas@aol.com >
> Keynote speaker:
> Timothy Ferris
> Professor of Astronomy, emeritus,
> University of California, Berkeley
> Acclaimed science writer and futurist
> Author, The Whole Shebang
> Coming of Age in the Milky Way The Mindēs Sky
> Galaxies
> The Red Limit
> Friday, 5 November
> 7 p.m.
> Drew University
> Learning Center Auditorium
> Friday evening, 8:30 p.m.
> Panel Discussion
> Dr. Timothy Ferris, keynoter
> The Rev. Dr. Judith Jenkins Kohatsu, materials scientist, United Methodist
> pastor; Convener, Methodist delegation to the Ecumenical Roundtable;
> author, God and Science: Must We Choose?
> Dr. Leonard Sweet, Dean, Drew University School of Theology; author,
> SoulTsunami, Eleven Genetic Keys to Spiritual Awakening, and Quantum
> Spirituality
> The Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Newark;
> Rescuing the Bible
> from Fundamentalism, and Why Christianity Must Change or Die
> Saturday, 6 November
> Workshops and Focus Groups
> Science & institutional religion The Rev. Dr. James Miller, Program
> AAAS; convener, Presbyterian Church Ecumenical Roundtable delegation
> Science & preaching The Rev. Dr. George Murphy, physicist, Lutheran
> author, Cosmic Witness: Commentaries on Science/Technology Themes
> Science & worship Dr. Sharon Betcher, theologian, Drew University
> Genetics & racism Dr. Robert Murray,* Howard University School of
> editor, The Human Genome Project and the Future of Health Care
> Faith and climate change The Rev. J. D. Hanson, General Board on Church &
> Society, United Methodist Church
> Environmental justice & faith Dr. Laurel Kearns, sociologist of religion,
> Drew
> University
> Cosmology and faith Dr. Arno Penzias,* Nobel Laureate in physics;
> (while at Bell Labs) of the cosmic back ground radiation; with Dr.
> Keller, Professor of Theology, Drew University; author, Apocalyse Now
> Then, and From a Broken Web
> God and computers The Rev. Dr. Anne Foerst,* theologian, computer
> Lutheran pastor; MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, and Harvard Divinity
> School Center for the Study of Values in Public Life
> Genetic technology The Rev. Dr. Ron Cole-Turner, theologian and
> genethicist,
> Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; Convener, UCC Ecumenical Roundtable
> delegation; author, Human Cloning, The New Genesis, and Pastoral Genetics
> Neuroscience & psyche Dr. Robert Corrington, theologian, Drew University;
> author, Ecstatic Naturalism, and Natureēs Religion
> Ecology & religions Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, theologian, Bucknell
> series editor, Religions of the World & Ecology
> Darwin & Darwinism Dr. David Kohn, Drew University; author, Darwin on
> Pharmaceuticals & soul Dcn. Gail Phillips Bucher, pharmaceutical chemist,
> Lutheran deacon; Director, Center for Faith & Science Exchange
> * invited
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