Re: Shroud
Sun, 08 Aug 1999 20:01:01 +0000

At 08:44 PM 08/08/1999 -0400, Rick Becker wrote:
>I just have to jump back in, in spite of my inclinations to the contrary.
>From a forensic standpoint, I can not conceive of any way the shroud could
>ever be unimpeachably linked to the Lord, (much as we might wish to.)
>Before one gets into an epistomological tangle, one should examine the
>probabilities of unequivocal "proof". If there is none, beware of
>overexertion in the pursuit of the argument. If anyone can show me the
>error of my ways, I for one would be thrilled; but as an inveterate
>empiricist, (physics is unmerciful that way), I have to be equally
>dispassionate in evaluating the data. 99% is nice, but as a good
>Calvinist, salvation is based on Faith&Love. "Evidence" makes me
>theologically nervous.

I would agree with you that there is no way to 100% connect this thing with
the Lord. But that is the nature of all historical/forensic evidence.
There is no way to 100% prove that a given person is the perpetrator of any
crime either. Once one accepts that as a basic limitation, then one has to
deal in probabilities like the rest of us.

My own personal take on the shroud is one of skepticism. Its early history
is unknown.

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