Re: asa-digest V1 #1308

George Murphy (
Sat, 07 Aug 1999 21:28:36 -0400

John W. Burgeson wrote:
> George wrote: "Let's be blunt: The root of such criticisms of theistic
> evolution is theological ignorance."
> I think not, friend George. Perhaps it is theological ignorance of one
> particular (Lutheran?) form.
> Of course, we are all ignorant -- just of different aspects of this world
> we inhabit!

Note that I did not say that all criticisms of theistic evolution are due to
theological ignorance. The specific example of "such criticisms" which my statement
refers to was the claim that theistic evolution is due to "creative failure". & any
such statement which either ignores or is unaware of things like Luther's theology of
the cross, kenotic views of divine action, or theologians like Bonhoeffer, or thinks
that they display creative failure, evidences theological ignorance. N.B. - I am not
saying that one has to _accept_ such approaches in order to be theologically informed.

George L. Murphy