Re: the ascension

George Murphy (
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 17:46:33 -0400

Rick Becker wrote:
> As a long time lurker and physicist, there isn't much I can comment on, but
> this thread brought me out. If we are to claim Jesus as Lord, then we are
> (joyfully) forced to the conclusion that He is the Lord of the spacetime
> continuum.

This is just the point of Luther's argument that "the right hand of God is
everywhere" and therefore that Christ's session "at the right hand of the Father" does
not mean localization in some part of heaven but omnipresence of the divine-human

> God does not need
> to show off or mislead. I believe that to ascribe any such motivation to
> Him says much more about us and what what we would do with such powers,
> than it does to illumine God's nature.

Prcisely! And this is why statements of P. Johnson about God "leaving his
fingerprints all over the evidence" &c are so inept.

George L. Murphy