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Latest message from Samuel in Yugoslavia follows for your info.

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> -- -- Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, greetings from
> Belgrade!!!
> After long time you didnít heard from me, because I was on trip in
> South
> Korea.Finally I came back.Trip from Seul to Belgrade took 36 hours.
> That trip was great blessing and encouragement to me.Firstly I sow
> many
> churches and Christians in Korea.30% of populations are
> Protestant-evangelical churches.The biggest churches are in Seul.I was
> on meeting to Church which is bigger in the world, Yongi Cho is
> preacher
> there ...all membership is 750 000.Incredible!!! On service were 25000
> people...In the evening you can see light crosses which show where is
> churches didn't see that before.When I sow that I was crying and say
> to
> my self and GOD, when I will see that in my country.I believe that
> time
> is close!!!
> First 4 days me and one preacher from Ukraine were in one typically
> Korean family, eating rise and their food(which was very strange for
> my
> stomach), slept on the floor, seating on the floor during
> eating.....but
> I survive...
> After that 4 days of culturally experience we moved to that conference
> which took 10 days.That was conference concerning student
> ministry.Every
> 4 years that Student Assembly are happening.There were 700 people from
> 140 countries around a world. We heard many testimonies how God is
> working , especially in Muslim countries.
> One evening we have report from Yugoslavia and sister Olja was
> apologizing and asking for forgiveness for ethnic cleansing on
> Kosovo.Many people cried and Most of American and Western brothers and
> sisters are apologizing for NATO destruction on our country.That was
> great experience of reconciliation...
> I have prayers with 2 brothers from Albania and one brother who is
> preacher is national coordinator for praying for all Albania and we
> will
> start praying in Serbia and Albania for spirit of Love and
> reconciliation .I was interview many times and all people express love
> and kindness toward us.
> Also one thing what was great encouragement for me was that many
> people
> read my emails and pray for us......
> On that conference one brother from Macedonia and I talked about our
> reconciliation mission on Balkans and among former republics of
> Yugoslavia.We are praying for that and will do some things in
> future...
> On way back we traveled from
> Seoul-Taipei(Taiwan)-Bangkok-Amsterdam-Budapest-Belgrade(with bus).I
> met
> one woman in Taipei who is from Poland , who studied Serbian
> language...and I share Good news with here...She was only European
> woman
> on our place on airport and she knows serbian language, that was great
> testimony.
> There are more things to say about this trip.......any way Praise God
> for this trip!!!
> Situation here are not good.Bombings stop but there is more problems.
> Many citizens want President Milosevich and his government to leave
> but
> they donít want.In His hands are police and all main economical
> resourses.Serbian Orthodox Church invited all Opposition Political
> parties to come on 19th August for Big protest against Milosevich.In
> Other cities of Serbia during month July were many demonstrations
> against him and his policy.Everybody can fell this very danger
> politically tensiton.Please pray that President and Government will
> not
> involve all nation in civil war!!!
> Economically situation is very bad.Sallaries are small every months
> less
> then month before.Sugar and Oil is very hard to find in stories.To
> find
> job is very hard if you donít have some connection with people from
> main
> party or you must be member. Many Students and young people are
> dreaming
> to leave country because they donít see their future here...
> One our student leader from Nish called Branislav was with our family
> in
> Belgrade, he came to buy some things on Belgrade Market for his father
> and mother that they can sell that things and have money for food.That
> is reality now in our country...Please pray for this.
> Situation on Kosovo are still danger.Like you probably now Serbian
> population are leaving Kosovo.In my Building on 27th floor came 2
> families from Kosovo.Last week KLA killed 14 serbian peasants. 2 days
> ago KLA put heavy bombs in Orthodox Temple in down town of Pristina in
> the middle of day.It seems that KFOR is not successful in their
> mission...
> Brother Zeljko is still in Prison.It is very hard situation in that
> prison..food...treatment...but there is many chance for witnessing.
> Vesna is still in her city-Valjevo.....
> Ladislav and all brothers are home and released from army....
> My father and mother are doing well.I bought in Korea for my father
> Bambus stick that he can walk easier.He is going outside and talk with
> our neighbors who are his age.Mother is with him and giving to him
> every
> day insulin and other medicines.She is working-witnessing with one our
> neighbors called Ljubica who is working in New Belgrade
> authorities.All
> building and neighbors like my father and mother what is good base for
> evangelism.
> Paris is in Belgrade and continuing his studies in Psyhology.Kole
> youngest brother is student now.He also is thinking to go to his
> friend
> from Belgrade in New York to work for one year but problem is
> visa.Some
> Church or some strong guarantee must sent invitation letter.
> Two groups of Belgrade student were in Hungary and Bulgaria for some
> conferneces.All students got good marks in their studies.Two our
> students leaders must go in army in September and December.Their names
> are Vuchko and Slavko.
> I was talking with many students and many of them said that they have
> many chances to share their faith with parents, friends....2 sisters
> are
> leaving in one city where is not churches.One sister Tanja shared Good
> news with mother and she became believer like her best friend
> Dominik.Olja another sister today were with me and I gave to here
> Bible
> and some books that she can give to people from her and Tanja
> city.Olja
> is finishing studies in Pedagogy and will go to Post-Diploma studies
> because she is one of the best student in her class.Tanja finished 3
> months ago and she is going also on post-studies for education, but
> she
> will find job for couple years in her city, she felt Gods calling to
> be
> there and lead one small group in their home...Tanja and Olja became
> believers during their studies in Belgrade.Olja became believer
> through
> small bible group is Student village...
> Why I am telling this to you.To encourage you.Many student who are
> part
> of our group and church are from cities where is no churhes.When they
> will finish their studies they will be first missionaries there...May
> God bless them and student mission in Yugoslavia.....
> Today brother Goran(our preacher) and I have meeting to plan some
> activities and crusade for fall.Our church is still struggling with
> place for worship.We want to buy some apartment or place what we can
> adapted for office and meeting place.Now we are renting one old
> facility
> on 5th floor of one glass factory in Belgrade....
> If you know some church or organization who can help for our church
> inform me and I can sent project to them.
> I am going tomorrow in Croatia to finish one job for my mother, she
> can
> not leave my father alone because of Insulin therapy will also visit
> some churches ...I will be back on 21 August...
> One more information for you:
> I opened bank account in Hungary...that s mean my friend account is
> not
> valid..If you want to sent money for our familly , my ministry among
> students in Yu, for Bibles and Christians in need....you can do it
> through.
> you can write to me in Croatia: samuilb92@yahoo.com
> I am sorry that I couldnít respond personally.Please pray for us:
> Praise GOD:
> Korea trip
> Ladislav and other brothers
> Olja and Tanja
> possibilities for witnessing
> Pray God for:
> Zeljko, Vesna
> My father and mother lives and witness
> Situation on Kosovo
> Political and Economical situation during this time in Serbia
> my trip in Croatia
> our church building
> my contribution in reconciliation on Balkans
> May God bless you!!!
> brother Samuel Petrovski from Belgrade!!!
> PS 110