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The subject matter of science is that which can be surveyed by mechanical
devices---arranged by man but devoid of any human element. The knowledge
gained by such devices is what I would call "nature." However, man is a
detector of something beyond the natural--undetected by mechanical
devices--and that I would call the "supernatural." Of course, the two form
an integral part of reality. But how the two interact is a great mystery.


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>Mark Phillips wrote:
>> > "Inasmuch that GOD is the God of nature, what does "supernatural"
>> >
>> > Many Christian writers have expressed their doubts about the
>> > excessive usage of the word 'supernatural' for reasons such as this.
>> > CS Lewis and James Houston come to mind.
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>> The argument against Christians using the notion of "supernatural"
>> that I have heard, is that supernatural is not a biblical concept.
>> The argument says that because the bible doesn't distinguish between
>> natural and supernatural, neither should we. Now I don't feel
>> comfortable with this. I feel that logically there really is a
>> difference between the natual and supernatural. Yet I'm not sure what
>> to make of this argument about supernatural not being biblical. Any
>> thoughts?
>> Cheers,
>> Mark.
>Hi Mark,
>Yes, I like your definition. My way of phrasing it would be to say that
>what we call
>'natural' is the way that God usually does things. This I see as God's
>as the
>sustainer (The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact
>representation of
>his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word, Heb.1:3; He is
>all things
>and in him all things hold together, (Col. somewhere, I think) ).
>In contrast, when He departs from his usual ways and does something
>that is what we would identify as 'supernatural' or 'miraculous'. I do
>believe, though,
>that God is not the only source of supernatural events; e.g. Jesus warned
>false prophets would come performing miraculous signs. (But that's another