New Book :Reason, Science & Faith

Sho Takagaki (
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 16:19:36 -0500

Hi everyone,

Just got my copy of a new book published
by Monarch Publications in Great Britain (1999).

Title : Reason, Science and Faith
Authors : Roger Forster and Paul Marston
Pages : 480 pages total

Where to get a copy:
(i.e. in Britain)

Website for a preview
(the website given in the book is not quite correct if accessed
from the U.S.)

The book is a revised, updated and focused version of their
previous book "Reason and Faith" published in 1989.
(The previous book included sections on the resurrection and
other apologetically interesting topics. The new book's focus
is mainly on science-faith)

I really enjoyed their previous book.
If this book is anything like the previous one,
then it'll be well worth the read.

Hopefully a publisher in the U.S. will take it up.
Otherwise, you can order it direct from the U.K.


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