Re: supernatural

David Campbell (
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 12:03:55 -0400

The definition of supernatural proposed seems like a good one. It would be
useful to emphasize that this is a distinction from our perspective; the
degree to which God is involved does not differ.

>The argument against Christians using the notion of "supernatural"
>that I have heard, is that supernatural is not a biblical concept.
>The argument says that because the bible doesn't distinguish between
>natural and supernatural, neither should we. Now I don't feel
>comfortable with this. I feel that logically there really is a
>difference between the natual and supernatural. Yet I'm not sure what
>to make of this argument about supernatural not being biblical. Any

The distinction that you make between things that occur normally and things
that require invoking God for adequate description is biblical. Pharaoh's
magicians recognized the plagues as supernatural (Ex. 8:19), Mary (Lk.
1:34) and Joseph (Mt. 1:19) knew that virgins do not get pregnant
naturally, etc.

David C.