Re: Science you'd be proud of; or the results of theistic evolution

John Neal (
Mon, 31 May 1999 20:46:34 -0400

So?...So? What? What do you mean, "So?" You just exemplify my
point. Christianity has indeed been, and still is used to justify
slavery, oppression, terrorism, etc. by various groups, and THAT INDEED
DOES NOT mean that these are the fruits of Christianity.
The point I'm making is that this genetically modified food, fetal
tissue research, etc., is INDEED riding on the back of compassion and
concern for the poor and suffering, which is a fruit of Christianity,
and INDEED IS being used to deceptively implement various forms of
The whole, pathetic "survival of the fittest" regime has produced
nothing but justification for almost every kind of predjudice there is.
This disgusting position, coupled with outright ridiculous and
non-critical "schmoozing" of the very real and effectual truths of the
scriptures, the very words of life themselves, which deserve and command
only the absolute utmost critical analysis and dependence, has left a
gaping void of irresponsibility into which the essence of modern
"science" has taken root.
Theistic evolution allows a Christian the "convenience" of avoiding
the cross of Christ. It "relieves" him of his fears of what might
happen to him were he to actually take a righteous and recalcitrant
stand upon the very Rock of Eternity. Further more, and certainly what
is intended to be conveyed in my post, theistic evolution allows evil
itself to prosper and flourish through the unspiritual, uncritical,
unchallenged, and unable efforts to discern, disapprove, disallow, and
disintegrate it.
Brothers and sisters in Christ, there can be no real responsible
science if the scientists themselves are not responsible to God. We in
Christ are the light of the world. If we hold positions of worldly
influence and power, as scientists and professors of knowledge most
certainly do, do you not think that our Lord will hold us accountable at
his judgement seat for what our councels have resulted in? Do not
Christians hold a sizable amount of worldly power and wealth, as well as
intellectual capital? Must not these tools be used to our Lord's
pleasure? Are they not his gifts to us? Should we not ever repay him?
Every generation of the church has had it's own unique type of trials
and tribulations upon which to exert itself for the glory of God. Can
you not see what Christ has laid before us in this generation? When He
says that we have done unto him that which we have done to the least of
those his bretheren, do we actually think of what exactly we have done
to these people? Are you sure that you will want to face the Ancient of
Days having done little to nothing in defense of or aid to the least of
his bretheren? Especially in the light of your vast worldly expertise
and provision? Do not forget that once the rich man had entered into
the tormenting fire of hell, he indeed did see the error of his ways and
most probably wished he had given to Lazarus food from his table as that
poor man sat outside his gate starving, dogs licking his sores.
Again, the rejection of all science because bits of it can be misused
is hardly what I mean to convey. Rather, I'm saying that the proper use
of knowledge is dependent upon the user of it. Seeing that all have
sinned and come short of the glory of God, there must indeed be
multitudes of checks and balances enforced by the aggregate of mankind
upon ourselves in order to avoid concentrations of evil. I am not
suggesting evil be irradicated, because this is impossible. I am saying
that as keepers of the eternal flame, we must be soberly vigilant so
that none are burnt by it. Are we to passively sit in denial and
powerlessness while we merely and perversely watch satan's wholesale
onslaught of the bulk of humanity? Or, rather, shouldn't we recognize
that satan is indeed a theif, a liar, and a murderer, and dutifully wage
warfare through speaking the truth in love?
Jesus said he did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Do you not
know that your faith is by it's own definition and substance absolutely
radical, confrontational and offensive to the palates of sin in this
world. Cursed are you who attempt to make the two compatible.
Science MUST be advanced ONLY for the glory of God. To the extent
that it is not, that is the precise extent to which man enslaves his
brothers in the world including himself.
The correct and true method of any scientific endeavor MUST be to
speak the truth in love. Theistic evolution, and all evolutive
indiscretions, God himself has a word for you, "Thou art weighed in the
balances, and art found wanting."