Re: The origin of scientific thinking

Glenn R. Morton (
Sun, 30 May 1999 16:53:41 -0500

Hi Moorad,

Moorad Alexanian wrote:
> Hello Glenn,
> C.S. Lewis said that paradisal man could be like a brute that when we knew
> him we would fall to his feet a worship him. I do agree with that view. In
> fact, the movie "Being There" reminded me of that description of unfallen
> man and I was not surprised with the ending of the movie where Peter Sellers
> actually walks on water! But all this is a particular interpretation of
> Scripture.

fascinating interpretation of Being There.

>We really do not know but certainly the Fall does indicate a
> drastic change in kind and not merely a change in degree. We really do not
> know man before the Fall. Was he able to subsist without eating, sleeping,
> and so on?

Two things in my mind say that man before the fall had to eat. First
God gave him food--green food. Secondly, if man was able to live without
eating, then what was the Tree of Life for? If The Tree of Life imparted
eternal life as is indicated by Genesis 3:22. But if Adam and Eve
already had eternal life, then the Tree of Life served no purpose
whatsoever. It couldn't impart what they already possessed. So, I don't
think that Adam and Eve were supermen and superwomen.

> My reading of Scripture is that man before the Fall was superior
> in intellect and closer to God that present day man.

Exactly what verse in scripture indicates to you that Adam and Eve were
superior in intellect? I have never seen a verse that could be so
construed. I presume that you like me would prefer to get our theology
from the Bible and I just don't see this superior intellect statement
anywhere. Also what verse indicates that they had eternal life and could
live without eating? And if they could live without eating, why were
they told to eat? What would be the point?


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