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Sun, 30 May 1999 10:05:33 -0400

I have not followed the details of the origin of intelligence discussion,
but isn't the major difference between Scripture and evolutionary theory
that whereas in the former there may be a degradation of human behavior and,
perhaps, intellect while in the latter it is totally the opposite? It seems
to me that Scripture makes it clear that man was in the very presence of God
and was able to communicate with Him. If true, we have come a long way from
that situation to the present one where now man wonders why God is hiding
behind the creation so silently.


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>>Very interesting Glenn,
>>And BTW, IMHO it seems to support the general idea of the appearance of
>>"intelligence" in mankind suddenly (de novo) instead of gradually. No?
>Thanks for your kind comment. I don't really think what I presented
>supports either sudden or gradual arising of intelligence. While I
>believe that Mnakind was created intelligent, I can't prove it and the
>Bible doesn't give Adam and Eve's IQ.
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