Re Art
Sun, 30 May 1999 07:24:03 EDT


I'm usually on your side in many of your posts. But not on this one. You
wrote about Art:

>But you can't teach Geology
>unless you have no vestige of honor. And then to appear on this forum
>as if his hands were clean, without disclosing his motives, is
>reprehensible. He is sold out. He has bowed before the golden idle. He
>has accepted his thirty pieces of silver, and still wishes to sip the
>wine and break bread at the table of respectability.<

This is a textbook example of arguing _ad hominem_--attacking an opponent's
character rather than by answering his contentions.

I am currently working on an article on trilobites with Art. I have not
found any of the character deficiencies you lay on him.

Back down, Dick. Deal with his arguments, and lay off the character assault.

Best ever,