Re: Accepting Genesis 1 as scientific truth

Vernon Jenkins (
Fri, 28 May 1999 00:06:09 +0100

Hi Janet,

Thanks for writing.

Regarding the reading of letters as numbers, the Hebrew, Aramaic and
Greek are 'natural' systems of alphabetic numeration, ie letters were
actually used as numerals by these peoples. The same can't be said for
English. I reject the suggestion that we are in the realm of
'divination' here. What of Revelation 13:18 where we are encouraged to
experiment with such conversions?

When the 7 Hebrew words/numbers which constitute Genesis 1:1 are
observed to total 2701 - a large triangular number with many other
interesting associations - shouldn't all seekers of truth sit up and
take notice?

Vernon wrote:
> Vernon Jenkins wrote:
> >Don't you
> >find it interesting that every word of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek is also
> >fairly interpretable as a number?
> If a lurker may slide in gracefully - words in the English language can be
> interpreted as numbers also, by using numeric values of the letters. My
> understanding of this has been that it is used, if one takes it seriously,
> as a form of divination, of fortune-telling, which as Christians we are told

> to avoid. If one doesn't take it seriously, then its simply nonsense - like
> trying to predict the future from the size of the Great Pyramid. Is there
> another meaning for "numerology" - that isn't fortune-telling? Leaving
> aside the questions of Creation, I'm trying to figure out exactly what we're
> talking about there.
> Janet Rice