Re: Coral Growth Rates

Ed Brayton (
Wed, 26 May 1999 22:23:10 -0400

Dick Fischer wrote:

> I think you missed the point. Art is on staff at a Seventh Day Adventist
> University. The official position of the school is strict six 24-hour day
> creation. In his position he is not allowed to reach an independent
> conclusion, regardless of the validity of the data. The evidence on
> coral growth, for example, is a dagger in the heart to Seventh Day dogma.
> If Art was a student at that university, he would be free to examine the
> argument, conclude he had been misled, and transfer to Baylor.
> But the faculty and staff is committed to a philosophical perspective due to
> their religious belief irrespective of whatever science comes up with. Their
> hands are in the till. So, teach religion at Seven-Day U. Teach English.
> Teach drama. Teach business. But you can't teach Geology unless you have
> no vestige of honor. And then to appear on this forum as if his hands were
> clean, without disclosing his motives, is reprehensible. He is sold out. He
> has bowed before the golden idle. He has accepted his thirty pieces of
> silver,
> and still wishes to sip the wine and break bread at the table of
> respectability.
> To teach Geology at a school that disavows the very underpinnings of the
> science itself would be the same thing as having Julian Huxley teaching
> Basic Christian Doctrine at MIT. Let Art fiddle with the minds of those so
> mired in religious entrapment it won't make any difference, but let him have
> the decency to leave this forum to those committed to honest engagement.

Wow, Dick. This is brutal and, in my opinion, unfair. I am neither a Christian
nor a creationist, but I have had a few exchanges with Art Chadwick both on this
list and in private. He may be wrong, and I think he is, but to accuse him of
lack of respectability, dishonesty and indecency is way off base. Art has himself
debunked poor arguments made by his fellow YECs and he deals with the evidence
about as honestly as any YEC I have ever known. I think the vitriol you have
aimed at him is shameful and I think you owe him an apology for it.

Ed Brayton