Re: Coral Growth Rates
Wed, 26 May 1999 22:23:37 EDT

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<< The price of free expression is passionate debate which - unfortunately -
leads to sarcasm and temper. This is true of Jesus and his disciples as
well as
the prophets of old. While its absence is more effective to the changing of
minds, sarcasm will occur and should be tolerated as part of the human

The stakes are high in the pursuit of truth.

This isn't sarcasm, it's thinly veiled hate. Pure, plain and simple. Puhlease
don't bring Jesus, the apostles and the prophets into this. They all knew
intimately the Spirit of truth and had pure discernment into circumstances
they were dealing with. From lurking on this list I can tell you that nobody
I've read on this list has a deep intimate relationship knowing the voice and
presence of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit (they each have a
distinctiveness you know). Only they now all about the geologic past.
Everything else is an indirect assumption.Wouldn't you agree?

Oh and by the way, I have a degree in Geology, worked in the oil exploration
industry for 12 years, belonged to most professional organizations in geology
(AAPG, GSA, SEPM, etc.) and have 1/2 a masters.

JM Jackson