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> In a message dated 5/25/99 8:00:29 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << But you can't teach Geology unless you have
> no vestige of honor. And then to appear on this forum as if his hands were
> clean, without disclosing his motives, is reprehensible. He is sold out.
> He
> has bowed before the golden idle. He has accepted his thirty pieces of
> silver,
> and still wishes to sip the wine and break bread at the table of
> respectability.
> To teach Geology at a school that disavows the very underpinnings of the
> science itself would be the same thing as having Julian Huxley teaching
> Basic Christian Doctrine at MIT. Let Art fiddle with the minds of those so
> mired in religious entrapment it won't make any difference, but let him have
> the decency to leave this forum to those committed to honest engagement.
> Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
> "The answer we should have known about 150 years ago."
> >>
> This is pure venom. To compare this person to Judas Iscariot and idol
> worshippers is incredulous. I think you owe an apology to Art and everyone
> else on this list for your arrogance and insolance in this reply. I dismiss
> many of your postings becaus e of your caustic nature. Some scientific list.
> Most here beat up anybody by any means when they don't agree with your
> interpretations. I wonder where YEC would be if it had 0.000000001% of the
> funds that have been expended by industry, government and academia.
> Disgusted,
> JM Jackson
> PS. It's no wonder that the majority of evangelical Christianity doeasn't
> accept your message. The spirit behind it stinks and most Christians have an
> innate horse sense that says this isn't right.

The price of free expression is passionate debate which - unfortunately - often
leads to sarcasm and temper. This is true of Jesus and his disciples as well as
the prophets of old. While its absence is more effective to the changing of
minds, sarcasm will occur and should be tolerated as part of the human condition.

The stakes are high in the pursuit of truth.


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